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Monday, 18 April 2011

My Internet. (Phase 2)

I hate my internet. Actually correction, I hate my router. My dad works with computers and all that, yet I have absolutely no idea how to work one. Remember my slow internet? Well it resulted in my router not working, so I had to get my dad round to fix it, unfortunately it was only today that he managed to fix it. Took him about 30 seconds to do as well, just to make me feel worse.
So anyway! BLOGS WILL DEFINETELY BE COMING NOW. I need someone to quote me on this... Dammit...

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

My Internet.

It's been like a week since I've posted... Purely because my internet is shockingly bad. Which is why I haven't commented much lately, sorry guys! But I was persistent in getting on this site, just for my apologies!
Anyway, It's Wednesday now, and at the weekend or next week (when it's not peak time), I'll get some comments in and post a nice new blog!
... Butttt my mind is blank, so suggestions? Give me a song to listen to, I'll talk about how much I like/hate it... And of course, I'll comment as many people as I can!